Utah Energy & Minerals Superheros at STEM Fest

Oct 23-24, 2018

Mountain America Expo Center

The Governor's Office of Energy Development (OED), is pleased to partner with in the STEM Action Center to bring you Utah Energy and Minerals SuperHeros for STEM Fest 2018. Superheroes continue to flash upon our silver screens, harnessing their unique powers and prowess to save the planet. From bullet blocking shields to soaring suits to lightning speeds and laser eyes, many superheroes use energy and minerals to protect people and make the world a better place. As a leading state for energy and minerals, Utah is home to a vast array of natural resources - from renewables like solar, wind, hydro and geothermal, to conventionals like oil, gas and coal. In addition, the state boasts a number of strategic minerals used for powering smartpho nes, defense systems and feeding the hungry. It’s time Utah had a superhero of its own!

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